Construct an SCT

This rubric helps you to construct a script concordance test (SCT) in 5 steps, by means of examples

  1. Define the assessment’s objectives: determine the evaluation basic purpose and the level of the candidates for which it is intended to.
  2. Identify clinical situations that adapt to the assessment objectives.
  3. Write the clinical scenarios and their related questions (items) and define anchors.
  4. Build up your SCT
  5. Validate

The construction of an SCT first requires two or three persons with good knowledge of the field to be tested. Clinical situations that are representative of the field, and that need not be unusual or rare, are elicited through a semi-structured interview. Diagnostic hypotheses, investigative strategies, and treatment options are specified items (1) for each situation. Short clinical vignettes, each followed by a series of test questions, make up the SCT.

(1)Item, in the docimological language, signify every tasks and questions of a test that lead to the attribution of a score.