Script Concordance Test item quality grid, adapted from Caire

Script Concordance Test
Autors: Benoit Carrière, François Caire

Scenario (vignette) Yes No To review
Describes a challenging situation, even for experts
(ambiguous or uncertain situations, missing information)
Describes an appropriate situation for examinees tested
The scenario is necessary in order to understand the question and to set the context
The clinical presentation is typical
The scenario is correctly written (length, confusion, missing clarity.)


Options (Diagnosis, investigation, and treatment) Yes No To review
In the expert’s opinion, the options are relevant
The same option is not found in two consecutive questions


The new information (2nd column) Yes No To review
Makes it possible to test the link between the new information and the option (1st column) in the described context
Questions are developed to spread the answers equally over all the values of the
Likert scale (-2, -1, 0, +1, +2)
The items correspond to questions that are relevant in a similar real clinical situation


Expert’s panel Yes No To review
Number between 10 and 20
Experts take the test individually, in exactly the same conditions as the examinees
The expert’s panel includes experienced physicians whose presence in a jury is appropriate to the level of the examinees assessed.

1 Caire F, Sol JC, Moreau JJ, Isidori P, Charlin B: Auto évaluation des internes en Neurochirurgie par test de concordance des scripts (SCT): processus d’évaluation des tests. Neurochirurgie 2004, 50: 66-72