Second Step: Identify clinical situations that adapt to the assessment objectives

At this point, you may set what is going to be potentially questionable «into the exam».


Identify relevant clinical situations according to their frequency, presentation mode, seriousness and possible treatments.

Make sure that the clinical situations selected are at the good level for the population of candidates you have chosen to evaluate.

Specify the assessed field(s) of knowledge for each clinical situation

By means of the following example, fill up the specification table of the evaluation units


Example: Specification table (geriatrics)

Questionable clinical situations Evaluation fields of knowledge
Diagnosis Investigation Treatment Other fields (e.g. counseling, attitudes, etc.)
(exemple : counseling, attitudes, etc.)
Dementia x x
Delirium x
Depression x x
Falls x
Incontinence x x

In this example:

The designers of the test retained 5 clinical situations

A case, with its related questions about the fields to be evaluated (diagnosis, investigation and/or treatment) constitutes an item.