Veille d’information du CPASS – Été 2017

27 juillet 2017


Le CPASS diffuse une veille d’information mensuelle qui présente une sélection de nouveautés touchant à la pédagogie appliquée aux sciences de la santé. Voici de nouvelles parutions, ressources, formations et événements pour cette veille du mois de juillet 2017.

Attitudes towards sub-domains of professionalism in medical education: defining social accountability in the globalizing world

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A systematic review of the effectiveness of flipped classrooms in medical education

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How evidence from observing attending physicians links to a competency-based framework

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Influence of motivation, self-efficacy and situational factors on the teaching quality of clinical educators

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“A steep learning curve”: junior doctor perspectives on the transition from medical student to the health-care workplace

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Making Management Skills a Core Component of Medical Education

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Twelve tips for the implementation of EPAs for assessment and entrustment decisions

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Twelve tips for medical teaching in low-resource settings

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Preparing medical students for the e-patient

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Students’ motivation toward feedback-seeking in the clinical workplace

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Twelve tips for effective body language for medical educators

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Medical Students’ Professional Development as Educators Revealed Through Reflections on Their Teaching Following a Students-as-Teachers Course

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The Development and Impact of a Social Media and Professionalism Course for Medical Students

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Learning environment: assessing resident experience

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The e-handover: applications for surgical training

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Near-peer teaching programme for medical students

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Defining and understanding the relationship between professional identity and interprofessional responsibility: implications for educating health and social care students

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Developing the Evidence-Base to Support the Integration of Technology-Enhanced Learning in Healthcare Education

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An assessment of residents’ and fellows’ personal finance literacy: an unmet medical education need

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Intercultural communication through the eyes of patients: experiences and preferences

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Quality indicators for learner-centered postgraduate medical e-learning

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A Program to Prevent Burnout, Depression, and Anxiety in First-Year Pediatric Residents

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Redesigning a course to help students achieve higher-order cognitive thinking skills: from goals and mechanics to student outcomes

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Designing blended learning interventions for the 21st century student

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Investigating the Relationship between Instructors’ Use of Active-Learning Strategies and Students’ Conceptual Understanding and Affective Changes in Introductory Biology: A Comparison of Two Active-Learning Environments

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A Randomized Controlled Trial to Compare e-Feedback Versus “Standard” Face-to-Face Verbal Feedback to Improve the Acquisition of Procedural Skill

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